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Date Title Presenter
2013-02-23 Perfection Ray Foster Play
2016-02-27 You Know My Way Octavian Poenaru Play
2013-03-02 An Extraordinary Life Dr. Bacon Play
2013-03-09 What's Your Testimony Ralph Stahl Play
2013-04-13 How Faith Works Rick Krauss Play
2013-04-27 The Gospel According To John Pastor LeBrun Play
2013-05-11 Jeptha Balm Gilead Rick Krauss Play
2013-05-25 Remembering Our Roots Pastor LeBrun Play
2013-06-01 Glory Done Away Jim Brackett Play
2013-06-08 Passing By Leon Anderson Play
2013-06-15 Put On The New Man William Berman Play
2013-06-29 All Power K. Meyer Play
2013-07-13 The Church Triumphant Leon Anderson Play
2013-07-20 How To Stop Sinning Ray Foster Play
2013-08-10 Isaiah 40 Ralph Stahl Play
2013-08-17 TheJudge Leon Anderson Play
2013-08-31 Glory Of God In You Shabaz Bahkhsnia Play
2013-09-14 Mission Erick Reeves Play
2013-09-21 What To Do With Doubt Leon Anderson Play
2013-10-26 The Wedding Garment Pastor LeBrun Play
2013-11-02 Church Service Neil Nedley Play
2013-11-09 Just Like Us Rick Krauss Play
2013-11-16 The End Of All Controversy Pastor LeBrun Play
2013-11-23 Mission To Turkey Shabaz Bahkhsnia Play
2013-11-30 Almighty Father Ted Wilson Play
2013-12-07 Our Example In All Things Pastor LeBrun Play
2012-12-21 ChristmasProgram Church Play
2013-12-28 Countdown To The Cross Pastor LeBrun Play