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Date Title Presenter
2015-01-10 The Holy Spirit Ralph Stahl Play
2015-01-17 Courage Kris Akenberger Play
2015-01-24 A New Creation Pastor LeBrun Play
2015-02-07 Pearl In The Pig Pen Dennis Peoples Play
2015-02-12 Family Of God Kris Akenberger Play
2015-03-07 The Most Beautiful Two-Letter Words Pastor LeBrun Play
2015-03-14 Tell Me The Story Of Jesus Ralph Stahl Play
2015-04-25 Water From The Rock Pastor LeBrun Play
2015-05-16 That Christ May Dwell In Our Hearts By Faith Ray Foster Play
2015-05-30 The Riddle Of Samson Rick Krauss Play
2015-06-06 A Revitalized Prophecy Pastor LeBrun Play
2015-06-13 Loving Our Enemies Barry Bacon Play
2015-06-20 My Experience Orah Fry Play
2015-06-27 Christ As The Law Giver Rick Krauss Play
2015-07-11 Feed My Sheep Meyer Play
2015-08-01 Sorting Out Fact From Fiction Fred Harding Play
2015-08-21 He Is Faithful Gem Castor Play
2015-09-05 The New Brand Of Prophet Pastor LeBrun Play
2015-11-28 We Are Nearing Home John Witcombe Play
2015-12-19 The Scriptures Ralph Stahl Play
2015-12-26 Geopolitical Dynamics Pastor LeBrun Play