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Patmos Papers

Unveiling Prophetic History
These studies in Bible prophecy provide a commentary on the books of Daniel and Revelation, tracing their prophetic fulfillment throughout history. By reviewing the events which have shaped civilization we can better understand the great movements now taking place and the issues soon to face us.



Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts is a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels' messages of Revelation 14 to the entire world through television, radio, literature, live Bible and prophecy events, the internet, and evangelism training.



Audio Verse

A wonderful resource of inspiring Christian sermons and more!



North American Bible Correspondence School

We are committed to sharing the good news that there can be a source of comfort and security in a world that so often seems to be in a state of uncertainty and chaos. We believe the Word of God provides us with a clear path to an unwavering sense of strength through the promises found in the Bible.